BÖHM Transport Wien
Ihr verlässlicher Partner in Mitteleuropa
  • Tel: +43 224422920
    Fax: +43 224429129
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BÖHM Transport Wien
Ihr verlässlicher Partner in Mitteleuropa
  • Tel: +43 224422920
    Fax: +43 224429129

BÖHM Transport Wien is your specialist in central europe

We have been on the road for you for more than 40 years!



We plan your transports central europe: AUT, GER, HUN, RO IT, SK, CZ, SLO.

Our focus lies on:

  • Pool pallets (our trucks are equipped with 32 pool pallets)
  • also with ADR - no problem at all!
  • daily departure:  Austria - Hungary (LCL - Less Container Load or FCL Full Container Load) 
  • Austria - Germany (LCL or FCL)   
  • GPS Monitoring of our entire truck fleet: we know exactly, where your goods are at any time.
  • Transport within Austria:  Vienna - Graz - Vienna
  • Road Feeder Service: Air cargo replacement transport with our megatrailers

transportation + diligence = CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!



BÖHM fully automated gas station: fill up!!


 Road Feeder Service



Fuel prices have reached an all-time high: check the fuel price monitor of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy .

Please notice the road charge increase 2015 in Austria at an average of 2 cents per kilometre.


Our Quality Policy

  • reliable service, expert knowledge and of course our well-kept truck fleet for our customers
  • loyal, reliable and honest employees
  • well stocked and innovative suppliers with good prices
  • ecology oriented mindset -  low-noise/emission trucks
  • economic success to safeguard jobs


50 trucks canvas semitrailers 13,60 with pool pallets and ADR are at your service.

Our focus lies on the geographical axis between germany - austria - hungary. Of course we also approach all other neighbour states of austria!

RFS transport - we approach all airports within the EU

Temporary storage on trailer: If your goods must not be unloaded immediately, we are happy to store them on our trailer temporarily.  - Just call us and we deliver the wares for you at the right time!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!